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2017 Archived News

October 27, 2017

Unfortunately due to lack of entries, the Rome Tour Championship tournament has been canceled – with that we congratulate Beau Gammage, our 2017 Rome Tour Player of Year! Beau had 3rd place finishes in both the Stonebridge Players Tournament and the Alvin Everett Invitational along with a tie for 4th at the Cedar Valley Invitational. Congratulations Beau!

This Rome Tour season was met with a lot of challenges as some of the tournaments this year were either rescheduled or canceled for varying reasons, some weather related and others due to lack of entries. Also, several of our local courses welcomed new owners, managers, and superintendents and some also had renovations and upgrading projects.

With all this being said we are looking forward to more participation and bigger and better tournaments in the 2018 season. We’ll begin organizing and planning the schedule after the first of the year which will be here before we know it!

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