Rome Adult/Junior Tour FAQs

The Rome Adult and Junior Tours offer area golfers an exciting and fun opportunity to play competitive golf.  If you've got questions about the Tours, see if they're answered here.  If they're not, contact us and ask the question.  We'll be sure not only to answer it directly, but we'll probably post the question and answer here too.  Chances are, you're not the only one with the question!

What is the Rome Adult Tour?

The Rome Adult Tour is a season-long schedule of tournaments open for all amateur golfers in Rome-Floyd County and surrounding communities.

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What is the Rome Junior Tour?
The Rome Junior Tour is a series of tournaments for junior golfers up to age 17. The events are scheduled during the summer months and begin at 8 am.

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How does the Rome Adult Tour work?

The tournaments are individual stroke play consisting of two rounds played on Saturdays and Sundays. After completion of Saturday’s round, the scores are then grouped into “flights” of common scores.

On Sundays, players are then paired with and compete against only the players in their “flight” for gift certificates and prizes! At the end of each tournament, the top 15 overall are awarded Rome Tour points. Points accumulate all season long and every player with points is eligible to play in the Rome Tour Championship. Upon completion of the Championship, the player with the most points is declared the Rome Tour Champion!  (See more about Championship eligibility.)

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How are Tour points accumulated?
Tour points are awarded to the top 15 finishes in each sanctioned event (which are bold on the current year's Tour schedule).  Any player attempting to earn Rome Tour points must play from the established “Tournament tees” (not senior or Ladies’ tees, although ladies and seniors are of course welcome to play any and all events!).

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What if I don't think I'm good enough to play on the Tour?

Don't be crazy!  Yes you are! While we do have some very good players here in the area—including former college All-Americans and professionals who have been re-instated as amateurs—the scores can range from 65 to 105!


Remember, after the first round is completed and “flighted” players are then paired with and compete against only the players in their flight. For example, someone who shot a 100 on Saturday is not going to have to be paired with and compete against someone who shot 70.


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Where are the events held?
Usually every course in Rome/Floyd Co. hosts some type of adult and/or junior tournament.  Check the current year's Tour schedule for specific information

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How do I join the Rome Adult Tour?

Actually, there is nothing to join. All you have to do is look at the current year's Tour schedule, pick a tournament, call that golf course the week of the tournament, and sign up for a tee time.  (The sooner you call the better—the tournaments get full fast!) You can even sign up to play with your buddies for Saturday's round regardless of your group's abilities! But keep in mind that players are re-paired and flighted for Sunday's round.

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Why would I want to play on the Tour?
Fun, fun, and more fun! You’ll meet a lot of great people who love golf just like you.  From week to week, tournament to tournament, the friendships you create are really special. Plus, it’s a great way to play different courses and test your skills. After all, you are never really competing against others in golf as much as you are competing against yourself!

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How do you become eligible for the Tour Championship?
If you gain just one single point in any official Tour event (meaning you rank 15th or better), you're qualified to play in the Tour Championship.  The week before the event, simply call the host course and obtain a tee time.

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Are there any other kinds of tournaments to play?
Yes, lots! Not every tournament is individual stroke play. There are 2-person events (scrambles, low-ball, etc.), and 4-person tournaments as well! Some courses offer weekly or monthly tournaments and there are also many charity events throughout the year.  Just check out the current year's Tour schedule for a full list of events.

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How much are the Adult Tour entry fees?
Fees vary, but generally run around $65-$85 per player for most tournaments. This is a very good price considering you get to play two rounds of golf with a golf cart. Plus most golf courses allow you to come out the week of the tournament and play an additional “practice round.”

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How much are the Junior Tour entry fees?
Fees for the Junior Tour are $5 per event.  There is no registration fee.  Events start at 8 am and registration begins at 7:30.

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What are the age groups/divisions of the Rome Junior Tour?

Children who are nine and under must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult who stays with the player the entire round.

While kids new to the game are welcome, we do recommend that they have some experience on a golf course and can hit the ball with some consistency.

Ages divisions:

  • 9 and under

  • 10-11

  • 12-13

  • 14-15

  • 16 -17

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How many holes to the juniors play?

Children 13 years and younger will play nine holes.  Kids 14-17 play 18 holes.

Older kids tee off first.

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Can I caddy my junior player?
Caddies are encouraged for children 11 and younger.  Players 12 and older may not have caddies.  Parents and guardians are welcome to watch their players, but may not offer advice.  They must also not walk with the players, but can follow the cart path.

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