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 2024 Rome Tour & Junior Golf Schedule

*Tournaments in Bold are Individual Stroke play/Rome Tour Points events

*Call the host course closer to the event for more info (additional info will be posted on this web site as it is received)



16: Allen Pinson Invitational / Don Robinson Memorial; Meadow Lakes G.C.


6-7: 2-Man Tournament; Callier Springs C.C.

20-21: 2-Man Triple Threat; Callier Springs C.C.


4-5: Alvin Everett Invitational; Callier Springs C.C.

18-19: Meadow Lakes Invitational; Meadow Lakes G.C.

21: Ladies Invitational / 2-Lady Scramble; Coosa C.C


1-2: Cedar Valley Invitational; Cedar Valley G.C.

8-9: 2-Man Scramble/Shamble; Callier Springs C.C.

22-23: Coosa Invitational; Coosa C.C.

29-30: 2-Man Tournament; Cedar Valley G.C.



13-14: Cherokee Pines Invitational; Cherokee Pines C.C. Centre, Al

19: Ducks Unlimited Tournament; Meadow Lakes G.C.

27-28: Cherokee Invitational; Cherokee Golf Club, Cedartown


3-4: 3-Man Tournament; Callier Springs C.C.

10-11: Tally Mountain Open; Tally Mountain G.C. 

17-18: 2-Man Tournament; Cherokee Pines C.C. Centre, Al

24-25: 2-Man Tournament; Cedar Valley G.C.


12-13: 2-Man Scramble/Scramble; Meadow Lakes G.C.

Rome Junior Golf Schedule

June 3: Coosa C.C.

June 17: Meadow Lakes G.C.

June 24: Callier Springs C.C.

July 1: Cherokee G.C. (Cedartown)

July 8: Cedar Valley G.C.

July 15: TBD

July 22: Cherokee Pines C.C. (Centre, Al)

July 29: Stonebridge G.C.

Phone #'s

Callier Springs C.C.; 706-234-1691

Cedar Valley G.C.; 770-748-9671

Cherokee G.C. (Cedartown); 770-748-2800

Cherokee Pines C.C. (Centre,Al); 256-927-5070

Coosa C.C.; 706-234-7131

Meadow Lakes G.C.; 770-748-4942

Tally Mountain G.C.; 770-574-3122

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